Friday, April 25, 2014

Scratch Bags

 I took a break one day to make some small bags to put scratchboards in. I kept just setting the finished work on a table in my studio and, while it was fun to see it out, it was also putting them at high risk for damage. I need to get some framed but haven't done it yet.
So these bags are made from grey felt and fancied up with quilting cotton I already had on hand. The ones in the top picture are all 5x7 and the ones in the bottom picture are around 10 - 12 inches. I like the grey ones to slide into a larger bag. The ones totally covered in cotton are a little more protection with the extra layer of fabric.
These are just a simple foldover bag - no hardware or buttons. The top piece folds completely over the bag giving one more layer of fabric over the scratchboard if you put it in the way the top photo shows.
I may put a few of these on Etsy. Anyone out there interested?

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