Sunday, May 25, 2014

Northern Flicker - Finished

"Northern Flicker" 2014
scratchboard on black Ampersand board
Done with #11 scalpel 
Reference photo from Rodney Campbell on Paint My Photo

There was a previous post about this one and the process. I used a board that had previously been scratched and scraped off. It was an interesting experiment but I won't be doing that again. Every little mark in the board became highlighted when I sprayed the finish coats on it. It's not totally horrible, but the board doesn't have the beautiful pristine black that is normally a scratchboard characteristic. 
In this image I heavily retouched it using Photoshop to get the rich blacks again. I would probably sell the image, but at a discounted price. With the retouching though I can still offer this as a print. 
So, lesson learned - don't reuse boards in this way.

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  1. To an untrained eye like mine, it looks great.