Friday, July 24, 2015

Kayaking at Sterling State Park

Last weekend Bob and I went to the state park: him for kayaking and me for a little more plein air practice.

 I decided to try pastels this time. I have so many art supplies from my many years of doing a variety of things, so I'm just experimenting with different things outdoors to see what I like. No decision on that yet.
Here is the beginning sketch with the scene in the background.

And here is the point at which I stopped. I consider this another study. It's about 6x9" I had a bit of trouble at one point. I got all set up, just barely started the sketch, and realized I really needed a bathroom break. Bob was already out on the water so I had to pack everything back in the van and drive over to the restrooms. Then go back to my spot and set up to begin again. Well, thank God for bathrooms - and sure sometimes with I had a painting partner!

 Bob finally bought a kayak this year after many years of wanting to try it. He decided on this nice inflatable one. This was his first time out with it: He and the kayak both performed very well. No spills and able to maneuver around the lagoons very well. It was a nice calm day on the water.


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