Tuesday, September 8, 2015

30 in 30, Day 8: Fleeting Brilliance

This one is titled "Fleeting Brilliance" and is 9x12" pastel on sanded paper. I thought it was finished until I looked at it on the computer. It's not for sale yet because I am going to work on it more later today. When I get the final version I'll switch out this image for the new one, keeping it in this same post to keep the days in order. 
The river is our local river, the Raisin River in Monroe County, Michigan. 
It has the distinction of being the world's crookedest river.

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  1. I admire all these landscapes, Sande, but this one is especially stunning. I envy your facility -- you create not only fabulous animal portraits, but also beautiful landscapes. These are really wonderful pieces!